Boxer Strength Tester

#1 Game rented for Stags

 Rent from $650

Multiple Players

Mini Golf and Ping Pong Package

 Rent from $450

Blitz  Football

Max 2 Players

 Rent from $550

Products FOR RENT

Quick & Crash

A shooting gallery with up-to-date with light-sensor technology, state-of-the-art audio and visual illusions.

 Rent from $650

Our Games in Action:

Golden Gun

A cooperative  Arcade light gun game.

 Rent from $550

ATM in Kiosks

​Ideal to bring cash to your customers!

Only power needed! 

 Rent from $450

ICE Skeeball

It is a 10 ft. Alley

Lots of fun for Young and Old

 Rent from $950

Nascar Car Racing Simulators

The best Car Racing Game ever made for the Arcade. Requires double doors. No stairs.

Rent from $650 each seat

Foosball Table 

Max 4 Players

 Rent from $350

Rent-a-game has united with Pinball Outlet to offer customers a wide array of games for your next event or gathering. Take your event to a new level by adding an Real Arcade Simulator or interactive Arcade game.(Not the cheap Arcade1up Toys) We provide game machine rentals for all kinds of events--from corporate product launches and sales conferences to trade shows, fall fairs, consumer shows and celebrations right across Southern Ontario. We even supply the games the film industry uses on it's movie sets!

ARM Wrestler

A skill Game

Test your strength. 2 settings Weak or Hard

 Rent from $950

Golden Tee Live Golf Simulator

Real Courses!

​#1 Game

 Rent from $650

Max 4 Players

Pinball Machines

Large Selection of Pinball Machines to match any event theme! Space, 70's, 80's, 90's Sports, Casino, Superheroes.

Rent from $450

Pool Tables & Air Hockeys​​

Rent from $550

Digital Jukebox

Your party will rock!

Be Your own DJ.

 Rent from $450

Pinball Outlet & Rent-A-Game

80's & 90's Arcade Classics

Up to 2 players can Interact per machinePac Man - Donkey Kong - Galaga - Dig Dug-
Space Invaders - 1942 - Ms Pac Man - Frogger
Dig Dug - Gyrus - Street Fighter II - X-Men vs 
SF - Tetris - Mortal Kombat - Bat Man. We have them all !!

Rent from $350